How To Start A Driving School

Starting a driving school, for example, is one of the uphill task ever. The industry is covered by numerous regulations and requirements to ensure that such institutions give competent drivers. Well, the potential investor may need to visit the state department of motor vehicle to get guidelines on requirements. For instance, a Crash Courses Scotland brochure will be necessary to be prepared in advance so that people can know what is coming.

Points to consider when starting a driving school


If you can’t print the application or program handbook, there is an option of going into the field office of the motor vehicle department and ask the inspector for a copy and an application packet. The state motor department can guide on where the closest field office is since they work hand in hand . After you go through your application, you will want to make sure you have the necessary qualifications before you go any further.


Start-up capital

Opening up a school can be a long and tedious proposition, there are many things you must do before you can open your doors. For example; you must secure a bond, pay the required fees, submit an insurance certificate, rent an office space in which to run your business out of and hold your driver education classes.


You will need to have the fire department come out to inspect your space, and they will give you a certificate of how many people it can hold during the theory education. If you are going to hire any additional office help or driving instructors, you must provide insurance to cover them during the work. Apart from availing the training vehicles, they will also need to be insured.

Staffing structure

The driving school consists of an owner or owners, an operations manager to oversee operations and the driving instructors who will teach driver education and or driver training.

Legal requirements

When it comes to the legal requirements which are detailed anyway, each state varies in what they require. One will need a license for the driving school business. Other certificates are issued after relevant inspection by the authorities. A seal for the certificates is a must for all driving schools in most countries. Do not forget to set up the tax procedure as well.



During the time you have someone else as your operator, you can be accumulating the hours you need so you can take over that position and save yourself some money.