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The Pros And Cons Of Distance Learning.

The program distance learning is a modern type of studying which uses a computer and the web towertfygtui deliver the needed information from the instructor to the learner. It has become popular in these times because of the influence of the evolution of technology. Also, busy working schedules make people want to study outside the classroom. Choosing to enter into this type of program requires proper decision making.

Pros and cons of distance learning

Advantages of distance learning


It is convenient to engage in this kind of program because you can take the course at the most favorable time and date of your choice. Moreover, you can postpone the lessons if many disruptions come along your way.


Flexibility means you can make decisions regarding the speed of the program. If you find it difficult following the course, you can suggest taking the program at a slower pace.


The amount to be paid is among the top factors considered by those aiming to take the program. Well, you do not have to worry because it will be cheaper compared to other full-time courses in the university. Also, traveling cost will be cut because you do not have to go to school and back.

Disadvantages of distance learning
No face to face meeting with the instructor

This is considered a negative feature because each and every student is different regarding their manner of learning. Some prefer face to face while others do not. If one is the type that prefers interaction with the tutor, then this is a no option for them.

Requires new skills and technology

12q3wertdfyTo those who are not that familiar with how to use the computer as well as the web, this might be a problem. This is because this type, of course, requires computer literate students. If the learner does not have access to the Internet, then it will be difficult to go through the program smoothly.

No campus atmosphere

This is a major disadvantage to those that are sociable since you will only be facing the computer without any classmates, not like a traditional class with a socializing ambiance. The student also will be denied the opportunity to discuss and ask questions from fellow students.
Before choosing distance learning, it is important to fully understand its advantages and disadvantages. This way you will never regret it. It will be very unfortunate to pay school fees and fail at the end of the day because you choose the wrong program.…